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Wedge, Sleeve, Drop-in, Toggle, Expansion Shields, Conical Plastic, Lead Machine Screw, Foundation Bolts, Nail Drive, Truss Head Nylon, Hollow Wall (Molly), Concrete Stud, Tapcon, Lead Wood Screw, Nylon Walldriver, Metal Wall Driver
Carriage, Plow, Elevator, Square Head, Step, Hanger, Full Thread Hex Tap, Eye Bolts, , U-Bolts, Grade 8 Frame Bolts
Hex Cap Screws
Grade2 Low Carbon, Grade 5 High Carbon, Grade 8 Alloy, Grade 8 Hex Flange Head, Metric Class 8.8, Metric Class 10.9 High Strength
Lag, Hex Washer Head, Teks Self-Drilling, Wood Screws, Sheet Metal, Trim Head, Thumb, Type "F" Thread Cutting, Torx Floorboard, Security, Dowel Screws
Machine Screws
Round Head Slotted, Flat Head Slotted, Oval Head Slotted, Flat Head Phillips, Pan Head Phillips, Oval Head Phillips, Hex Head, Security Screws, Metric
Finished Hex, Heavy Hex, Hex Jam, Machine Screw, Grade 5, Grade 8, Nylon Insert Locknuts, All Metal Locknuts, Metric Coarse and Fine Pitch Hex Nuts, Metric Locknuts, Hex Slotted, Hex Serrated Flange, Coupling, Tee Nuts, Keps, Wing, Acorn, Square, Nylon Insert Locking Wing Nuts, Nylon (Plastic), Left-Hand Thread
Socket Products
Socket Head Cap Screws, Cup Point Socket Set Screws, Button Head Socket Cap Screws, Flat Head Socket Cap Screws, Socket Pipe Plugs, Socket Shoulder Screws, Metric Class 8.8 and Class 12.9 Alloy Steel, Short Arm Hex Key Wrenches, Long Arm Hex Key Wrenches
Pins, Snaps and Turnbuckles
Cotter, Hitch, Tension, Split, Roll, Taper, Dowel, Clevis
Assorted Nuts
USS Flat Washers, SAE Flat Washers, Split Lock Washers, Fender, Internal Tooth Lock Washers, External Tooth Lock Washers, Countersunk External Tooth Lock Washers, Hi-Collar, Bonded Sealing, Countersunk Finishing, Square Beveled Structural, Nylon, Rubber, Brass, Stainless Steel, Metrics
Low Carbon Threaded Rod, B-7 Alloy, ACME, Solid (Unthreaded) Round Metric, Keystock
Rivets up to 1/4" Diameter, Woodruff Keys, O-Rings, Drywall Screws, Galvanized Deck Screws, Stainless Steel Deck Screws, E-Clips, C-Clips, Snap Rings, Housing Rings, Shaft Collars, Grease Fittings, Turnbuckles, Cable Stops, Cable Ferrules, Square Bend U-Bolts, Metric & Fractional, Taps and Dies, Brass Pipe Fittings, Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings, Left-Handed Taps/Dies, Acoustical Lag Bolts
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